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What about Breastfeeding?

Should I Breastfeed?

As you may know, there are many benefits to breastfeeding your baby.  Mother’s milk contains just the right balance of nutrients to help your infant grow into a strong and healthy toddler.

According to the gynecologists at Allcare, a mother’s breast milk helps protect a baby against some common childhood illnesses and infections.

What diseases does breast milk protect against?

  1. Ear infections
  2. Lower & upper respiratory ailments
  3. Allergies
  4. Intestinal disorders
  5. Colds & viruses
  6. Staph
  7. Strep
  8. E-coli infections
  9. Diabetes – isn’t that incredible?
  10. Childhood cancers, etc.

It truly is the perfect power food for baby.

Here’s another interesting note – not only is it good for your child, but breastfeeding can also help your health.  Certain types of cancer may occur less often in mothers who have breastfed their children.

If you are enjoying a healthy lifestyle and aren’t prone to health problems, consider breastfeeding your newborn.   The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that breastfeeding continue for about 12 months (and even thereafter, for as long as the mother and baby desire.)

It’s a beautiful and bonding experience between mother and baby and it’s so convenient too!  The Mayo Clinic suggests that breastmilk can be expressed and stored as follows:

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Enjoy these special days, it goes by in the blink of an eye!

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